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Monday, May 7, 2012

Coming Soon: Beehive Kitchenware

While we were in New York earlier this year doing purchasing for our shop, we stumbled upon Beehive Kitchenware at the Javits Convention Center and met one of the two owners, Sandra Bonazoli. The handmade-with-love products were absolutely darling, and once she explained their production process and the quality of the materials used, we were just smitten and could not resist adding their products to the Modest Peach collection!

Beehive Kitchenware is a boutique company based out of Massachusetts. Each and every one of their products are designed and produced by the husband+wife team with superb quality materials. They were inspired by “the industrious little creatures that work hard to build their own homes,” and their products “are intended to be the finishing touches that make a house a special nest.” Don’t you just love that philosophy? We sure do!

It’s hard to choose a favorite among this collection of distinct and stylish pieces, but the baby spoons require mentioning. The Beehive Kitchenware baby spoons are created with lead-free materials and are meant to be treasured and passed down through generations. With proper care, these spoons can last more than a lifetime of use – this is the purpose that Beehive had in mind when creating this product.

If baby spoons are not in your foreseeable future, we also carry other items that will positively add charm to your kitchen. Beehive’s measuring spoons are their most coveted items and loved by all; the cheese markers will add that special touch to your buffet table; and the solid maple cheese board engraved with two wrens is perfect for entertaining. Check out our shop for other kitchen, tabletop and baby products! We’re sure you will find an item or two that you would love to have as part of your home.


baby nursery decor said...

Hey these kitchneware are so cute and had very uniqe design great work.

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